Projects 2022

November 2022

Wounded Warrior Project


Another one of our favorite organizations to support! We are so very grateful to our Veterans and those that have protected our country. We were able to donate $1,000 to our Wounded Warriors this month.

October 2022

Hurricane Ian


After the devastation of this hurricane in Southwest Florida we pivoted and actively became involved in raising funds for those impacted by this awful storm. This turned out to be our biggest project of the year so far!!! We are so grateful that we were able to donate $5,000 to the hurricane relief. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all our supporters- we couldn't do it without you!

September 2022

Matthew 25 Fundraiser

We had a very busy month collecting pantry items for Matthew 25. We collaborated with St Lawrence Catholic School to gather essential items. In addition to this we were invited to speak at the Tampa Bay Volunteers Youth Leadership Summit. Here, were shared our story, projects and goals to middle and high school students wanting to get involved in community work. 

August 2022

Paw Print Hearts 


We all love animals here at Kids 4 A Cause! So for the month of August we supported one of our favorite animal rescue organizations. We hustled to gather enough funds to donate $1,000 to Paw Print Hearts. Thank you to everyone who helped us this month!!!

July 2022

Christmas In July



Another incredible month! We hosted this event in support of Oldsmar Cares and added some Florida Flair to our shoeboxes! Each box was filled with food items, ponchos, sunscreen, water bottles, protein shakes and other essential items. 

June 2022

We spent an inspiring Saturday morning working with New Life Warehouse- what a great organization making a huge difference in our community! They essentially help those in need start a "New Life". They help kids moving out of foster care, those that are needing help find accommodation and providing essential home items. We helped unload beds, chairs, tables, linen, pictures, carpets and more to a local family in need. 

May 2022

A Kid's Place



This was a great month of service! We collaborated with St Lawrence Catholic School and their builder's club. "A Kid's Place" is a wonderful organization that helps children in foster care. This month we were able to donate over $1,500 to them.

Thank you to all the kids involved in this project- you made a difference!!!



April 2022

Rhino Project Update

What a fantastic update we have to share!!! We initially shared this project in 2021. At that time, farms in South Africa were losing Rhino at an alarming rate. Kids 4 A Cause initiated a big fundraiser to purchase night vision cameras to help protect these animals from poachers. When we revisited this farm, the rangers confirmed that they had not lost a single rhino in 550 days!!!! What an accomplishment- we were so excited to hear this update and to know that we made a difference!


March 2022

Support for Ukrainian Refugees

This was indeed a special month. As the world watched thousands of Ukrainian's flee their country, the kids at Kids 4 A Cause decided to get involved and help these people during a time of need. They gathered with children from the neighborhood and made bracelets with the Prayer of St Francis of Assisi. These were sold at an event in New Jersey to raise a sum of over $5,000. Thank you everyone who purchased a bracelet- you helped us make a difference in the world.


February 2022

Alligator and Wildlife Rescue

What a fabulous project this month! We visited this wildlife center in Madeira Beach and met some of the beautiful creatures they have. Our 2 favorites were the chameleon and the chinchilla. The rescue needed funds to build a new mammal habitat. Kids 4 A Cause sponsored the entire habitat for these precious animals. Thank you everyone for your support- we love animals!




January 2022

Crisis Center of Tampa Bay


This is the second time we have supported this great organization. So many people are struggling right now, and the Crisis Center is there to help them. The mission of the Crisis Center is to ensure that no one in our community has to face crisis alone.