Meet The CEOs

Dominic Fouché

Dominic is the rock on which Kids 4 a Cause was founded.

Dominic is a high achiever in every area in which he has participated. He is a regional gymnastics champion and has received many accolades and awards for academics as well as recognition for his commitment to volunteer work.

Despite all of his achievements, he remains humble, modest and focused on growing Kids 4 a Cause to spread nationally and internationally.

Sheldon Fouché

Sheldon is a leader and organizer, always ready with solutions and ideas for the next charitable venture. He is a divergent thinker and engages people very easily. 

Sheldon is enthusiastic and charismatic and is able to encourage other children to get involved. He has a healthy self-confidence and has presented his organization to audiences of over 400 people.

He is a team player committed to the task at hand and always seeks to succeed in what needs to be done.

Michael Kuhn

Michael is very much a people's person. He loves to engage in conversation and is a lover of airplanes and history. His confidence and ability to speak in public has astounded audiences at many charity functions. He is most often the spokesman at public events and does so with gusto and enthusiasm.

His radio and television interviews have been remarkable. Michael is known for his kindheartedness, always fulfilling a need and his lively, sincere attitude has won the hearts of many.

Christian Kuhn

Christian is the youngest member and has identified his role as finding worthwhile causes to support, especially if animals are concerned. He is a sensitive, deep thinker who opens his heart to helping others.

Christian is intuitive and empathetic and willing to do whatever it takes to help those in need. He has been instrumental in product design and pricing and has put forward unique ideas to raise awareness for this organization.

Our Story

Our family has always placed a high value on community service and volunteering. We were all born in South Africa and have seen firsthand the effect of poverty in our country. Our late President, Nelson Mandela famously said “It is in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it.”

This is something we all strive to live by.

In 2011-2012 our families moved to the USA and we started a brand-new life here. One thing that was consistent was our dedication to charitable work.

In 2017, Nicholas Kuhn, father of Michael and Christian passed unexpectedly due to a massive heart attack. This impacted the entire family both in the USA and South Africa.

What stood out for us was the overwhelming support we received from our community here in Tampa, Fl. The true generosity, kindness and love we received from friends and strangers, helped us through this tragedy. We realized how just small acts of kindness made a difference in our lives when we were suffering. 

This motivated us to start “Giving Back” to our community. Our initial goal was to start with random acts of kindness, but this rapidly grew into monthly projects that supported many different causes in our community. We have now established Kids 4 A Cause, Inc which is a registered 501( c ) 3 non profit organization.

Our Mission

To raise funds each month for a charitable organization or cause, that supports our local community. We hope to inspire children of all ages to get involved and make a difference in their community.

Project of the Month

April 2024

For this month, we are supporting Metropolitan Ministries. They are in dire need of food, clothing, and toiletries. Please help us help those in need.

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